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Light and love
Light and love

The Mystical Mountain, a meditation


Natalia Baker - Oct 1st 2013, 09:41

“Our physical bodies have around them an electromagnetic field of energy
and this subtle energy interacts with us by flowing through spiraling energy
centers known as chakras. There are seven main chakras and a number of
smaller ones that interact with the body, absorbing life force when they are
functioning properly.”
The earth has similar energetic currents known as ley lines that flow below
the ground. Wells, churches, mountain peaks, and confluences of streams
or ancient trees are often found along ley lines. St. George’s cathedral, for
many years the focus of resistance against apartheid, is built on such a ley
line at the foot of Table Mountain. Two major ley-lines intersect at
Table Mountain and this concentration of energy enhances psychic abilities
and healing powers.

The earth has 12 major energy centers consisting of eight chakras and
four spinner wheels, each relating to one of the four elements earth, air,
fire and water. Each spinner wheel has a particular purpose and
Table Mountain is the earth wheel and is said to nurture and sustain, and
to generate light. The water wheel, Lake Rotopounamu in New Zealand, is
intuitive and expands love; the fire wheel, Haleakala Crater, Hawaii, radiates
masculine energy and increases will and liberty; the air wheel, which
occupies a space stretching from the Great Pyramid in Egypt to the Mount
of Olives, concentratesabstract and mental energies. The spinner
wheels are said to the radiate the energy out to the chakras along ley lines.
For our planet to survive and prosper, we need all four wheels to be able
to operate freely and without any restrictions.
All centres of earth energy are reputed to be excellent places for meditating.
That is why so many people find themselves wanting to come to Cape Town –
subconsciously they know that this is a holy place. The energy of the mountain
is so powerful that you cannot live on its slopes without resonating with it,
otherwise, discord will manifest in your life.

To connect with the sacred energy of Table Mountain. Sit comfortably. Play
quiet background music. Support your lengthened spine. Breathe slowly and
deeply. Release all tension as you exhale. Breathe normally and gently into the
heart using the prana of the breath as fuel to open the heart. When your heart
feels open, create an image of Table Mountain in your mind’s eye and imagine
that you can see a beautiful huge orb of light in the centre of Table Mountain.
This is the earth’s base chakra. With each breath, connect your heart with the
light in the centre of the mountain.
Feeding the chakras of the mountain with your breath expand the light to
include the whole of Cape Town. Gradually increase it until the light radiates
northwards over the whole of South Africa and then the entire African continent.

This meditation brings more help, healing and upliftment than you can possibly
imagine. You can at any moment remember your connection with this sacred
mountain through your own heart.”

Natalia Baker is a metaphysical teacher and public speaker. She has recorded a series of 12 guided meditatation cd’s. To order,
visit her web site

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